Legalize Marijuana Money, not just Marijuana

The UnitedStatesofGanja believes in democracy and our rights as citizens of the United States. Fundamentally we believe in the right to vote and determine our destiny, as outlined in the Constitution codified by our founding fathers. Therefore we do not believe in our votes being rendered meaningless by subsequent amending and abolishing laws that mold civil liberties into political agendas.

Case in point: As of early 2019 thirty three states have voted to legalize the Ganja trade.  Including the people of Washington D.C. yet the “Federal Government” in Washington D.C. is attempting to hold on to the old system. Despite the votes being counted, Ganja is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug and money related to the trade is still treated as drug money, amongst other injustices.

The UnitedStatesofGanja seeks to change this system.  We are collecting signatures to force the Federal Government to respect the vote and grant full legal status to Marijuana, or Ganja as it is known in the language of its native land, and to allow entrepreneurs to be allowed legitimate access to the banking system as is standard for any other legal entity.


Legitimize the Money

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Legalize Marijuana Money

Legalize Marijuana Money, not just Marijuana 

Fact: Money related to marijuana is still being criminalized by the Federal Government despite 33 states having voted to legalize the trade. Adding insult to injury, one of the states to vote for legalization is Washington D.C. itself, the state the Federal Government resides in. Irrespective of the will of the people, the Federal Government chooses to keep up the fight and continues to categorize cannabis as a Schedule 1 Drug.

Solution:Colorado has introduced some of the most progressive initiatives relative to legitimizing the industry including House Bill 14-1398 permitting cannabis credit co-ops in 2014 along with the Secure and Fair Enforcement of Banking Act in 2017.

We demand that the Federal Government honor these efforts and give up the fight against Ganja. Cannabis entrepreneurs must be free.

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