Anthony, our founder, has been active in all things Ganja related for years.  When Colorado and Washington became the first states to fully legalize the trade he began traveling Colorado looking for how he was going to get involved in the industry. When he noticed that shops were on a cash only basis and realized they were having trouble getting money into the system and found where he would fit into the industry.

After reading an article about the Governor of Colorado preparing to pass legislation permitting the formation of Cannabis Credit Co-ops, Anthony became interested in the concept of financial vehicles that permit industry participants to organize cooperatives for the purpose of depositing money into the financial system.  He felt very strongly about legal rights relative to this issue.  When he saw legislation passed, his first instinct was to register the domain name. He registered and the process began.

He began a petition in Colorado looking to get a permit for the first Cannabis Credit Co-op.  But the first permit went to another Colorado Co-op so Anthony paused to see how things developed.  After so many years and so many other states legalizing, funds are still being denied access.  Anthony decided it’s time to pick the petition back up and force the funds into the system.

To accommodate all states that are effected Anthony formed the This broad stroke allows each state to participate in demanding the Federal Government respect the will of the people.